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About us

Thermal installations, liquids, oil analysis & management

About us

Thermal oil is the specialty of our company. For advice, chemical analyzes, delivery of all synthetic thermal fluids, thermal installations, and systems, you will find the right partner in Rodun Benelux BV.

What we do

As a specialist company, we advise you on the choice of liquid, check its chemical stability and advise on specific corrective measures if there is reason to do so.

  • Thermal installations
  • Liquids
  • Oil analysis
  • Oil management


Some examples of the applications in which we work.

  • Plastic industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Petrochemistry
  • Food and food industry
  • Alternative energy and technologies
  • Heat transfer system maintenance


The Therminol products with which we
works are of high quality. If you
they know they are taking the right steps
a long service life. Through
we can see a chemical analysis
or the oil in excellent or less
is in good condition. As the latter
is the case, we will give you advice
maximum efficiency from your thermal
get oil. We stand for safety and security
ensure that your business can run optimally


If you meet the conditions, you can request an oil sample from us.
Click to see if you qualify for this.


Rodun Benelux B.V. was established in 2000.
In 2004 we started selling
the synthetic thermal oil line of
Solutia. Then Solutia in 2012
was taken over by Eastman
Chemical, we decided to become a distributor
to become fifteen synthetic
thermal oils. Since then supplies
Rodun Benelux B.V. on a big one
variety of industries such as
the chemical, petrochemical,
pharmaceutical and food industry.

Our sides range from industrial
businesses to artisan bakeries
that work with thermal installations.


As an entrepreneur you want that
operate as sustainably as possible.
We fully agree with that.
The right attention to all thermal
installations can save a lot of money on maintenance
save. Here is the choice of the
thermal oil essential.
We are happy to help you with an oil that it
is best for your installation. We deliver
customized advice and you benefit in this way
as long as possible from your thermal oil.
Very sustainable! Specific question about
your thermal system or installation?
Feel free to call or email us for advice.

Roland Borsboom

Theo Borsboom